Fall in love with outsourcing

Webinaria | 14.02.2017

Data nagrania: 14.02.2017

They say that trust is the rock on which outsourcing is built, but how to choose a reliable IT partner who can help you to improve your business every day?

Every relationship – in life or business, needs to have a firm foundation to be successful and long-lasting. To build a good, profitable relationship with your IT outsourcing provider, you should pay attention to a few important issues.

Join our webinar and learn how to choose your IT partner wisely. We will go through the different stages of cooperation, from the very beginning up to mature cooperation, focusing on the most important things that you should be aware of.

During the meeting we will discuss the following issues:
- Key things that your IT outsourcing partner should ensure
- How to check the reliability of your potential partner?
- Choose the best cooperation model
- Details that are critical for good cooperation
- The benefits of cooperation for both parties


Radosław Szmit, JCommerce

Experienced manager, working in IT technologies in the UK and Poland for over 10 years. In JCommerce responsible for gaining new strategic clients and international sales. Highly educated in cross-reference areas of IT, electronics, business development, sociology and psychology. Privately fan of Scottish weather and Slovenian mountains.

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